Decentralized Clinical Trials Outlook – USA

Welcome to Decentralized Clinical Trials Outlook, an interactive data visualization tool designed to discover and capitalize on untapped opportunities for DCT advancement in the oncology sector in the USA.

Comparative Analysis of Oncology Patient Counts, Broadband Internet Coverage, and Oncologist Availability Across US Counties

Our application uses a unique model of three key variables: the number of existing oncology patients, the registered oncologists in the area, and the coverage of broadband internet connection. The Internet is vital for the operation of decentralized clinical trials, enabling data collection, communication, documentation, education, and increased accessibility. These factors together provide a comprehensive overview of the potential for implementing decentralized trials across all counties in the USA. By visualizing this data, we allow stakeholders to easily identify areas of high potential and design trials that are not only technologically feasible but also reach the greatest number of patients that are not supported by adequate medical expertise at their location of residence.

Join us in democratizing the process of clinical trials, making them more accessible, efficient, and patient-friendly. With the Decentralized Clinical Trials Outlook, we're taking a step closer to a future where quality healthcare is not restricted by location.
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